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Are you feeling anxious, depressed,  without a purpose? or perhaps stuck without being able to move forward in your path?


My consultation services will definitely help you change the perspective you have with your life to allow you to take responsibility for what you are experiencing, reclaim your personal power and move forward in your spiritual path.

I hold a sacred and compassionate space where you can explore different perspectives to understand your current life situation. This will enable you to return to a centered state of being and from that space take action to make the changes you wish to see in your life.


I believe that we all deserve and have the power to live the life we want. However our conditioning and emotional wounds can prevent us from reaching our goals. The consultation sessions are intended to find aspects within in order for you to work and transform them and vibrate in alignment with your dreams.


What's a 

consultation like?

The consultation can last between 45-70 minutes. A questionnaire will be sent in advance to be filled prior to the session. The answers will provide Alberto with the scope of the work needed and prepare for the session. The consultation takes place via Skype. We will go over the answers you provided to find the root of the wound, conditioning or trauma. You will need a pad to take notes through the session and  to write down the "homework", which can be anywhere from affirmations, meditation, exercise or a balanced diet. Each person has unique needs in terms on how much support is necessary to move forward. I listen closely to your needs to come out with a plan that can help you achieve your goals. Payments are done via PayPal or Venmo.

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Nathan Marchand

"His guidance has helped me heal from past traumas, see my higher potential, and start on the path of living a life of greater purpose."

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