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Finding Your
Teacher Within




Alberto Curcio Linares is the author of the book "From Wound to Wisdom", and helps people to overcome and heal emotional and spiritual wounds, conditioning or traumas.

Through inquisitive questions, Alberto guides you in a process that takes you to different parts of your life history to draw your attention into the areas of yourself in need of healing, growth and transformation.

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On his first book, Alberto goes into the details of how to lay out a strong foundation for doing  deep inner work.



People's experiences after working with Alberto


Corina Ray Bogart

My life has radically transformed since having begun working with Alberto, for which I am forever grateful. I recommend Alberto's teachings to anyone on a spiritual path, no matter where they are on their journey.


Intimately connected to the natural world, Alberto is extremely knowledgeable and wise. He is always present and adheres to the values he encourages others to strengthen. He is professional, ethical, integrous, reliable, and attentive. He notices all the details and handles every aspect of the teachings with focused, deliberate care.


Alberto aids in the illumination of blockages, patterns, and areas previously obscured from one's vision while holding a strong container and safe space for deep inner healing. Through practical protocols, Alberto helps you to foster the tools to connect you with your own inner wisdom, to trust your heart and intuition. Alberto is unlike any spiritual guide I have ever worked with; I deeply trust him and his teachings, and I look forward to continuing on my spiritual path with his guidance. 

Nathan Marchand

After working with Alberto for the past 5+ years, I can truly say it has been LIFE CHANGING. His guidance has helped me heal from past traumas, see my higher potential, and start on the path of living a life of greater purpose. The wisdom he offers is passed on in a practical and grounded manner that is simple to grasp and implement.


Through working with him, I’ve been able to grow not just spiritually, but in all areas of my life, including, family and personal relationships, business and career, as well as fitness and mental health. If you’re looking for the next level of growth and meaning in life, then I can’t recommend him enough!

Jennifer Chapman

I came to Alberto desperate for help in 2018. I was broken Spiritually, mentally and it had taking it’s toll on me physically. I always felt like I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders.


Unable to connect to my husband and most other humans I felt broken and was completely defeated. Coming from a place of feeling like life wasn’t worth living anymore, I was told of the mentorship Alberto had to offer. I figured I had tried so many other things one more couldn’t hurt.


I, like so many others, come from extreme trauma and conditioning from my family and society. It’s been 4 years of work, but Alberto facilitated a safe space for me do my inner-work and integrate it into my new way of living. It hasn’t  always been easy but it has been worth it. How dark it is before the dawn.


My life now is simple, filled with love and connection to nature and my higher self. The “weight” of the world is no longer a burden and I look forward to each day living from my heart and not my past. I will always have work to do but the grace, love, and magic I experienced with Alberto gave me the desire to want to keep living and take advantage of this beautiful life.

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